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e-Design International and its skilled team of Professionals offers a comprehensive range of services within the online marketing industry.

Key Personnel in the fields of Marketing, Project Management, Design Development, Copywriting and Information Technology have amassed years of experience not only within the Asia Pacific Region but throughout the world.

With its head office based on the Gold Coast, Australia, eDesign has been able to establish a global presence and integrate cutting edge technology, design and systems usage.
Through experience, specialised knowledge and on-going industry research, we can easily offer our clients the most progressive and suitable product choice for any given project.

This continuing commitment ensures that each project is built upon strategic and financial objectives enabling a result that is intelligent, efficient and cost effective.


Marcus Gardner is an entrepreneur who is driven. He has successfully built and managed several businesses across Queensland and is always seeking new projects to become involved with.

Edesign International was formed in 1994 and has a number of brands that fall under the umbrella. They represent innovation, technology, professionalism and have an entrepreneurial mindset.

The businesses Marcus is involved with span across outdoor equipment such as Boat Trailers through to technology including Promotional USB’s. Each business has it’s own website, team, products and it’s own audience.

Having built businesses over the past 20 years, Marcus and the team at Edesign International have a knack for understanding the core of their target market and connecting with them at the right time, with the right offer.

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